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We participate at e2eCommerce 2017 to promote our products, what kind of services that are available and show the people that we are here at this event. This event is perfect to let our business partners know about Pos Indonesia and we expected to form new partnerships with other players.

This is a great event as many logistic providers also participated in the show. Through e2eCommerce, we can showcase our company’s expertise and we can get to know other players in the market and knowing what kind of technologies that they use compare to ours.

We are happy to participate, and we felt that e2eCcommerce have helped us greatly to meet our objectives of meeting the right target group. This is the show that you must participate if you want to engage in Indonesia’s market.

What is e2eCommerce Indonesia ?

e2eCommerce Indonesia  is a conference and exhibition that curates an ecosystem-based platform to accelerate Indonesia’s digital economy.

Themed “Be Digital. Go Global”, the third edition will act as a platform for the Indonesia eCommerce industry to bring together key players to encourage conversations on both strategic and operational issues and help bring forth the advance system solution for brands & retailers, eCommerce marketplace / operators, parcel and logistics players for Indonesia.

What can you do at e2eCommerce Indonesia ?

e2eCommerce Indonesia brings together key players in eCommerce ecosystem



Marketplace operators
Approach various marketplace operators with innovative eCommerce solution to strengthen their digital structure


Logistics, Distributors, and Supply Chain Management
Fulfil the end-to-end distribution gap with safe and secure system that support mobile transaction


SME and Startup
Present entrepreneurs with alternative marketing option in selling their products through digital economy

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